We'll Make it Right!

We are dedicated to ensuring you have a wonderful experience shoping at Madelynn Ave. Please read the instructions below to understand how to get the help you need with your order.

No. 1

Take Pictures

Please snap a picture of your order. Be sure to clearly show the concern you have about your order (the damage or issue) and if there is any damage to the packaging, please also capture that.

No. 2

Keep the Packaging

Please don't dispose of the packaging or fillers until after one of our customer service specialists has come in contact with you. If a return is warranted, it will be easier to use the packaging we sent you.

No. 3

Locate the Order ID

Please locate your order ID. You can find your order ID at any of the following locations:

  1. Email confirmation sent to you when you sent in your order
  2. Packing slip sent with your order

No. 4

Contact Us

Please contact us using any of the following channels:

  1. Chat function (bottom right corner of your screen)
  2. Write an email to customersupport@madelynnave.com

Please send us your order ID along with any pictures you took of your order.

One of our customer service specialists will assist you to ensure your satisfaction.

Depending on your situation, our customer support specialist may offer a free return, a full or a partial refund, an exchange, or a replacement for your order.