Madelynn Ave

Terms of Service and Conditions

Pricing Policy

All prices in our store are in U.S. dollars and are subject to any applicable taxes according to state and local laws. Availability, prices and delivery rates are subject to change, and Madelynn Ave reserves the right to change prices and delivery rates without notice. There may be errors in the prices, descriptions or images of certain merchandise, and we reserve the right to restrict orders of those items.

The majority of our products are handmade by skilled artisans around the world, using only high quality, natural materials. There is a life and a story behind every piece we offer. Our prices reflect quality and craftsmanship, and our products are well positioned in the market. We do not aim to offer the cheapest products. Instead, we aim to offer pieces that, last; pieces that contribute to the creation of spaces that are full of beauty and refinement.


Product Availability

We make every effort to display the most current and accurate product inventory information. Madelynn Ave is not responsible for product availability errors. We will notify you directly in the event that a product's availability changes, and will issue a full refund in the case of a mismatch in product availability. Please contact our customer support team at for more information.


Shipping and Handling

Madelynn Ave is not directly responsible for the shipping and handling of our products after they have left our warehouse. When we ship our products, we ensure they are in pristine condition. Madelynn Ave and our partners use 3rd party companies (such as USPS and FedEx) to deliver our products to customers, and cannot control the shipping and handling process. We understand that in the process of shipping and handling, items may become damaged. As such, we have created policies that provide protection for the customer in such situations. For more information about shipping, please refer to our full shipping policy.

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